This is the new online home for Chopperdaves Casting Co - Long Beach, CA

I have been fascinated with cast aluminum motorcycle parts as long as I can remember

and a few years ago I started making my own for the bikes I was building.

I am now making them for sale!

Everything I do is in Limited numbers,so if you want it, get it while you can!

I have a bunch of new products in the prototyping stage at the moment.

Namely Hot Rod air cleaners for both 2 barrel and 4 barrel carbs,

The Mini taillight and other items.

UPDATES! Feb 10, 2008!

A Link to my BLOG!

I have a bunch of new products comin up in a few days,

the Race Only Air Cleaner and 9 more points cover designs!

As well as finally pic of bikes! The Superfreak, Lovely Loser, and Secret Weapon are coming!

As well as a bunch of stuff to add to my media page!

Also, check my Blog for announcemants of new stuff and what i'm up to...



April 3 - 2007

I added a Events page for events around the country that

I will be attending, a Custom Parts page, and a Bikes page is coming!

But for now!

I am now taking orders for The 66x Air Cleaner!

As well as Glory Bound Pegs, Cheat Death Pegs,

Loud Fast Rules Stack covers, and Points covers!

I am also now doing custom pegs as well and car club plaques and custom

points covers . If you are interested in custom work email me.

See them in the Parts Dept!


Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve and a Girlie Beater!

See them in the Shirts and Shit Dept!



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